Mrs Hughes is The Modern Butler!

Mrs Hughes is a subscription service for housekeeping and household management and maintenance, combines authentic British Butler Traditions and Modernity approach with Powerful Technology. Our services are designed to exceed customer expectations, achieve a high satisfaction and give a new definition of domestic services.

We rise up the new, modern and multitasking housekeeper!

Home PA | House Management

Mrs Hughes’ Maids are not just housekeepers. They are your real, trusted Home PA, who does your home errands, organises the management and controls the maintenance of your household. A life, free of chores, is not a luxury, it is an affordable necessity!

Allow us to do it for you!

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One-off & Special Cleanings

Planned or not, chores bring any different situations and it is good to call for extra help.

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What we do?

Home PA | House management

Our housekeeping service include:
Cleaning and tidy-up - each room cleaned and maintained regularly, depending on the specifics of flooring, surfaces, furniture, appliances, etc., using environmentally friendly materials, products and techniques.
Doing the laundry and Ironing - Carefully sorting clothes and home textile by color and material – wash it, hang it to dry (or put it in the dryer if possible) and then iron it.
Dealing with the dry cleaning - Separating and packing clothes and textile for dry cleaning; calling for pick up/drop off. Unpacking and arranging in wardrobes and drawers.
Doing the grocery list and grocery shopping - On request checking for your must-have food and drinks; shopping from a local store walking distance nearby, maximum 2 shopping bags; cash.
Accept deliveries - food/packages/mail; unpack and arrange (only food)
Flower care - watering pots, arranging cut flowers, etc.
Running errands - your Maid can be helpful with any daily life situation - wrapping gift; medical prescription; etc.

One-off cleanings

Deep clean
Thoroughly and deep house cleaning for the new season and updating the closet - spring, summer, autumn, winter - don`t worry, your home will be sparkling all the time and your closet will always be organised and updated!
After party
You have had a wild night and great party? In the morning your place is a complete mess but you need to sleep the whole day! So Mrs Hughes will send a help - someone to clean and tidy your place to its usual appear, to wash all glasses and plates and put them back in the cupboards, to take out the garbage!
End of Tenancy
The final move out cleaning is our concern. We will make the place sparkling for the new tenants and you can just be happy in your new place!

Special cleanings

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Careful attitude to your furniture, understanding the specifics of the carpet floors, professional equipment, Eco-friendly materials, techniques and products - this is what Mrs Hughes gives to you. We are the best choice in terms of carpet cleaning services and upholstery. What you get is premium quality at a reasonable price!
Hard floor cleaning and polishing
Careful attitude to your furniture and understanding the specifics of the hard floors and surfaces - wood, stone, marble, etc. Professional equipment, Eco-friendly materials, techniques and products - these you receive with us. We are the best choice in terms of hard floor cleaning and polishing. Premium quality at a reasonable price!
Windows cleaning
Careful attitude, professional equipment, Eco-friendly materials, techniques and products - this is what Mrs Hughes gives to you. We are the best choice in terms of external and internal window cleaning services.