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domestic cleaners central london
One Bedroom Flat
1/1.5 bathroom
housekeeping prices central london
Three+ Bedrooms Flat
3+ bathrooms
domestic cleaners west london
Two Bedrooms Flat
2/2.5 bathrooms

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housekeeping prices west london
One Story
2 Bedrooms,
2/2.5 bathrooms
residential housekeeping central london
Two Story
3 Bedrooms,
3/3.5 bathrooms
residential housekeeping west london
Three Story
4+ Bedrooms,
4+ bathrooms

Mrs Hughes – residential housekeeping for West and Central London

All our calculations and recommendations are based on our long experience and aim to give maximum satisfaction to you, our customers, as well as to provide well-maintained household, clean and tidy home and immaculate laundry.
All services are calculated on a weekly basis and give the approximate cost of the maid service. We reserve the right to amend the hours and the price if the property or the job is bigger than expected.
We recommend an appointment with manager clients in your home in convenient time for you. During this meeting we will discuss how many visits and hours will be ideal for your home. You can be absolutely sure that you pay only for services you have used.

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We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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