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The daily life become more and more busy and we more and more do not have enough time for everything we love. It is like we are lost in everything we have to do, lost in all the expectations we have to meet. All we need is trusted sidekick, a human who understands superpowers are for superheroes. We are people and our needs are changed! 

Mrs Hughes redefines British Butler tradition, combining it with modernity, technology and personal approach. It allows you easy to do your home errands without actually doing them yourself. Mrs Hughes is that friendly and polite lady, who is full of energy and ideas. She has the right contacts for any home situation and she is happy to assist you!

Creating an ultimate amenity service, we change the game! Time shouldn`t be a luxury! 
Mrs Hughes is not an amenity, it is an affordable necessity!

CEO / Founder

Desislava Vladimirova

I have decided to built Mrs. Hughes, because I realize how happy I feel, when I organize and help people – that’s my power! I have always wanted to create a service, that exceeds customer expectations, gives a new definition of domestic services and makes everything simple and easy. 

Leading by understanding, that ‘private time shouldn’t be a luxury’, I created an affordable service to help all the people out there to ‘Come Home Lucky’. Another important part of Mrs. Hughes mission is responsibility to the nature. That is why we study how to use different green cleaning techniques and practices and we explore environmentally-friendly products.

As a family-running company, we are seeking partnerships and support other family-running businesses. Family means together. Together we create stability. The stability means a quality. The quality is luxury. We believe luxury is a matter of attitude, individual approach and gratitude to every our client.
Mrs. Hughes is a service with respect and message to their customers. We take personally every home, every engagement and every story. Because that is how we do it!
Mrs Hughes – Welcome Home Lucky!


Imagine after a long day at work, you are coming home… 

Your mail is sorted, packages waiting … clean laundry in your drawers… shirts ironed and hung in the closet… the fridge stocked with your favorite drinks and snacks… your home – clean and tidy, just how you love it!

All you need doing, book your Mrs Hughes Maid and start your ‘Come Home Lucky’ now!