Our Story

Mrs. Hughes is a service with respect and message to our customers. We take personally every home, every engagement and every story.

Forget about the chains of chores and come home lucky!



Imagine after a long day at work… you come home lucky because Mrs. Hughes – your housekeeping company for West and Central London – has done everything!

…mail is sorted, packages waiting… clean laundry in your drawers… shirts ironed and hanged in the closet… the fridge stocked with your favorite drinks and snacks…

Your home… clean and tidy… just how you love it!

Words from the Director

CEO / Founder

Desislava Kichukova 

I have decided to built Mrs. Hughes because I realize how happy I feel when I organize and help people – that’s my power! I have always wanted to create a service that exceeds customer expectations, gives a new definition of domestic cleaning services and makes everything simple and easy. And after a long-time thinking and many amendments the idea is here – Mrs. Hughes – the fairy of free of chores life!

Mrs Hughes Ltd is a fast growing and dynamic company well familiar among the young and busy people in Central and West London. Our clients choose us because of the wide range of premium domestic services, reliable professionals and personal friendly attitude that we offer. All of these make Mrs Hughes the best partner to handle your household errands. 

We have many years experience as a team of individual housekeepers. We do not associate us as a cleaning company. Our trademark is the individual approach and personal attention to each client. All our Maids are self-employed individuals who follow and keep the etiquette and brand guidelines of Mrs. Hughes Ltd.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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