What does include Mrs Hughes Basic?

1. Signature Mrs Hughes Tidy-up:
• Changing the bed linen and making your bed to hotel standards
• Changing bathroom towels, check for toiletries
• Removing rubbish and recycling
• Wiping down kitchen surfaces (we use your cleaning products)
• Fluffing cushions and couch in living area
• Light cleaning of dishes / loading or unloading of dishwasher

2. Doing the laundry –
• Carefully sorting clothes and home textile by color and material – wash it, hang it to dry (or put it in the dryer if possible); some ironing such T-shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc.
• Dealing with the dry cleaning – Separating and packing clothes and textile for dry cleaning; calling to company for pick up/drop off (or the local dry cleaning) Unpacking and arranging in wardrobes and drawers.

3. Doing the grocery list and grocery shopping –
• On request checking for your must-have food and drinks (we have your list in your customer profile);
• Shopping from a local store, walking distance nearby, maximum 2 shopping bags;
• Leave cash.
• Or accept arranged food delivery from our vendor or your preferred superstore – unpack and arrange the food to cupboards and fringe.

4. Accept deliveries – packages/mail/etc

5. Flower care – watering pots, arranging cut flowers, etc.

6. Running errands – your Hughes Home PA can be helpful with any daily life situation – arranging and supervising a deep home cleaning; wrapping gift; medical prescription; etc.

We offer 3 packages of Basic service

Mini package suits for small places (one bed; studio) and single people.

We recommend 1 visit weekly, start from 2 hours duration;

Midi package suits for medium places (2 beds) and small families, couples, professional shares.

We recommend 2 visits weekly, start from 2 hours each;

Maxi package suits for big families and houses (3+ beds). 

We recommend 3 visits weekly, start from 3 hours each;




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