Is TIME the new luxury?!… It should not be!
Mrs. Hughes comes every week to do your home errands instead you!


Combining tradition, modernity and technology, Mrs. Hughes helps to the emancipated woman of today in balancing between home, family and career!

# Auto Pilot App for home errands

What we do? 

Clean and tidy up your place

Do the grocery list and grocery shopping

Do the laundry and ironing; deal with the dry cleaning

Accept deliveries, mail and packages

What does make us different?

# From Women, To Women

In this fast-paced world the definition of successful women looks endless – fabulous appearance, great career, big and happy family, amazing home, perfect housewife and more, and more… And if behind the successful man stand a woman; behind the successful woman stand… she, herself and Mrs. Hughes!
Working single and married mothers, long-hours working wives and singles, we stand by you in the balancing between career, home, family and private life!

# New Definition for Domestic Service

We believe luxury is not reserved for a select few and it is not only for goods. It is a matter of attitude, individual approach and gratitude to every our client. Mrs Hughes combines authentic British Butler traditions, Modernity approach and Powerful Technology. We rise up the multitasking, initiative and trusted sidekick for your home errands, and understand your home as your castle!

# Green and Healthy

Realizing how important today is to turn to nature and to remember how we lived before chemicals enter that much in our daily lives, we explore, learn and use different green cleaning technics, practices and environmentally-friendly products. Mrs Hughes supports green Eco living – clean, healthy and safe home, family, planet!

How it works?

Simply, easy, lucky

The Service

We offer wide range of services, designed to exceed customer expectations, achieve a high satisfaction and give a new definition of domestic services.
Choose the right one for you!

The Price

You may check the estimate price with our Calculator
All our calculations and recommendations aim to give maximum satisfaction to our customers, as well as to provide well-maintained household, clean and tidy home and immaculate laundry.
All services are calculated on a weekly basis and give the approximate cost of the maid service.

The Appointment

Check our calendar and book a welcome appointment with manager clients at your home at convenient time for you.
During this meeting we make a walk-through of your home to collect your preferences; learn your routine; discuss how many visits and hours are recommended for you; answer any questions and pick up a copy of your keys (if necessary). 

And your "Come Home Lucky" begins...

simply, easy, Mrs. Hughes - your domestic service for West and Central London!


I have been using Mrs. Hughes services for over half a year now and it has been fantastic. The maids are discrete, reliable, always on time and no request is too small. They take care not only for laundry and cleaning. They are initiative to all maters around the house – dry cleaning, groceries, flowers, even pets.

Maria K., Chelsea, London

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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